The South Hills Senior Softball League was established in 1992 but was born in the hearts of all of us that played this game on ballfields throughout Pittsburgh, PA in the late 50’s and early 60’s


Back in the spring of 1992 a gentleman named Dick Mummert, of Mt. Lebanon, PA, decided to start a softball league for players over the age of 55.  Through his efforts he managed to recruit enough players to start a four-team league.  The teams played at Mellon Field and Wildcat Field in Mt. Lebanon, PA. for the first eight years under Dick Mummert’s leadership.  Dick passed away in September of 2014 but his dream and his passion still lives on with the players in the league today.

The league moved to their new home, Texas Grove Field in South Park, PA, for the 2000 season, led by two co-commissioners, Dave Sheridan and Bobby Wagler.  Over the following years these two gentlemen along with many volunteers made upgrades to the field.  The first improvement they made was to install French drains in the infield.  The drainage system served the field well until they received a state grant to install a new clay infield.  The next improvement was installing a four-foot-high outfield fence, funded by another state grant.

The leagues success has grown over the years under the leadership of Commissioners Mike Dawida of Pittsburgh, PA, and Dave Sheridan of Whitehall, PA, who served until 2012.  The following year Jim McGinnis of Castle Shannon, PA, took over and served until 2013.  The torch was passed on to Ernie Deitz of Upper St. Clair, PA, and he served until the end of the 2015 season.  Doug Houston, of South Fayette, PA, is the current commissioner and he hopes to improve on the successes of the past commissioners.

Over the past three years the league expanded from eight teams to twelve teams with 168 players, playing on fields in Baldwin Borough, PA, South Park, PA, (two fields), Dormont, PA (Keystone Oaks High School), Pleasant Hills, PA and Brentwood PA..