The South Hills Senior Softball League is located south of Pittsburgh, PA.  We draw players from the greater Pittsburgh area including but not limited to Bethel Park, South Park, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Bridgeville, Carnegie, South Fayette, Peters Township, McMurray, Baldwin, Canonsburg and Washington, PA.  Some players come as far away as White Oak and Connellsville, PA.

The league is run by a volunteer staff made up of a commissioner, ten managers, a field- maintenance team, rules committee, statistician, treasurer, and the head of umpires.  The safety of our players and the integrity of our league takes precedent over winning.  Any individual not adhering to the rules and principles of the league will be removed.

We have expanded from ten teams to twelve teams in 2019 with 14 players on each team. In 2020 we had to reduce the number of teams back to 10 teams due to covid19.  The teams are created through a draft held every spring.  At the end of each season every team is broken up and all players go back into the player pool for the next spring’s draft.

We play a 27-game schedule on fields in South Park, PA, Baldwin Borough, PA, Pleasant Hills, PA, Keystone Oaks High School, Brentwood High School and the 7th Avenue Field in Carnegie.  At the conclusion of the regular season we have a double- elimination tournament in which teams are seeded, one through eight, by the way they finished the regular season.

We play five nights a week, Monday through Friday. Each team plays two nights per week.  We play nine-inning games, generally starting at 6:30 pm and finishing by 8:15 pm.  We play with 11 fielders and a 14-person batting order. Players alternate in and out of the game as directed by the manager.

We play by Senior Softball League rules, with a few exceptions.  We use a double first base and a double home plate, for safety reasons, to keep fielders and base runners from running into each other.  Outfielders are required to start each play behind a line in the outfield (140 feet from home plate) to give all hitters a chance to contribute to their team’s effort.  We allow courtesy runners for players who have physical limitations. 

Our goal is to have a competitive league dedicated to fair play and good sportsmanship. We all play to win, but winning at all costs is not what this league is about. 

2020 Managers

Tim Thomas – Dave Tadich – Cory Huey – Ed Rostek – Tim Trainer – Ken Meyer – Bob Hagerty – Butch Seifert – Jim English

Accepting Players For 2020!

Call Commissioner Doug Houston at: 


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